What can be done about my child’s high blood pressure?

Many possible approaches are available including:

  • Perform an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) to confirm that an elevated casual blood pressure is real.
  • Evaluate if there is a specific cause such as kidney disease for your child’s hypertension.
  • Evaluate if there are other indicators for cardiovascular disease such as high lipids, diabetes, or family history.
  • Evaluate if damage has already occurred to your child’s body due to hypertension.
  • Begin a non-pharmacological approach such as weight loss, exercise, salt intake reduction, stress reduction.
  • Begin an anti-hypertesive drug therapy if non-pharmacological approach is not sufficient or the hypertension is severe.
  • We encourage you to see a pediatric hypertension specialist in your area. For information, please feel free to email us.


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