NAA Annual Meeting

North American Artery Society 10th Annual Conference

10th Annual Meeting of the North American Artery Society

NEW DATE: May 2021
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

The NAA 2020 10th Annual Meeting has been CANCELLED over growing concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Tentative plan is to postpone the meeting until May 2021 in Iowa City. Additional information will be available in the coming months. Click here for Conference website

For more information on NAA, please visit the NAA Society website,, or their Twitter, @NAASociety.

2020 NAA Program Committee
Gary Pierce, PhD (Co-Chair and NAA Treasurer)
Bo Fernhall, PhD (Co-Chair)
Elaine Urbina, MD (NAA President)
Julio Chirinos, MD, PhD (NAA Vice-President)
Stella Daskalopoulou, MD, PhD (NAA Secretary)
Ray Townsend, MD (NAA Past-president)
David Edwards, PhD
Tina Brinkley, PhD
Stanley Franklin, MD
Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD
Diana Jalal, MD
Kerrie Moreau, PhD
Kevin Heffernan, PhD
Demetra Christou, PhD